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Our Mission

Photography is an evidentiary superpower... but only if we can prove the image and video are real.  


OpenOrigins was founded with the mission to create a global trust infrastructure for all organizations and individuals that need real, human and provable content to function. 


Deepfakes and Fabricated AI-generated content threatens our shared understanding of reality. Although fake news isn't new, the increased sophistication of fakes, with no real way of distinguishing between human and AI-generated synthetic content, threatens the online information sharing ecosystem. 


Using a purpose-built blockchain and proactive content provenance-technologies, OpenOrigins has created the tools needed to allow your organization the ability to prove what's real.  


We now work with partners across the media ecosystem to ensure that photos and videos can still be trusted in the future of AI, and that they can benefit from the AI revolution, while reducing risk to their businesses. 

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Our Values


Provability: We believe everyone has the right to prove their stories. Whether you are filing a small claim, or you are submitting a story to a newsroom. It is vital that we maintain trusted methods to share information and be believed. Every piece of content that we securely source is unquestionably provable, with no 0% uncertainty.  


Decentralisation: We believe no company should single-handedly hold the keys to trust online. Every component of the OpenOrigins infrastructure is built to be free from centralised control, ensuring our trust-system is maintained by those that need it.  


Ownership: The Creators of Content should Own their Content. We ensure that you always have ownership of your own data, we help prove your copyright, and we ensure your proof data is never locked into a single vendor (including us). 


Our Team

Founded by Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, our team is built by mission-driven people who have worked across countering disinformation and security. We are passionate about preserving human history, and ensuring people will always have a voice on the internet. 

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