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Why we're here

Creating the Global Trust Layer for all content.

At OpenOrigins, we believe that the lack of a provenance infrastructure is threatening to jeopardise the validity of discourse over the Internet.

We envision that OpenOrigins' Global Trust Layer can help alleviate this issue. In order to meet this ambitious goal, we are developing cutting-edge tools across cryptography, distributed systems, and trusted execution environments.

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What we're doing

OpenOrigins has developed a novel solution to this suite of authenticity problem: We give editors, photographers and archivists the tools to prove the veracity of their content proactively. This means we can verify that content created today can be provably human-made, unedited and real. We also work with Archives to ensure they have the tools to prove their archives hold unedited and human-verified content. In three words, the ethos of OpenOrigins is: Don't Detect; Declare.


Where we're going

We believe that all media on the internet should have an origin point. When you look at a picture, it should be possible to tell exactly when, where and who posted it. With our technology, we want to bring trust back into online spaces.

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