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Creative Working

About OpenOrigins.

Creating the Global Trust Layer for all content.

At OpenOrigins, we believe that the lack of a provenance infrastructure is threatening to jeopardise the validity of discourse over the Internet.

We envision that OpenOrigins' Global Trust Layer can help alleviate this issue. In order to meet this ambitious goal, we are developing cutting-edge tools across cryptography, distributed systems, and trusted execution environments.

Our Team.


Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers

Co-founder & CEO

Mansoor stumbled on the problem of ensuring provenance for digital assets as part of his PhD at the University of Cambridge and has not stopped working on it since. He received his Masters from ETH Zurich and has previously worked at RKVST and nCipher Security.

Shravin Mittel

Co-founder & Chairman

Shravin brings with him a wealth of commercial experience. He is the Founder of Unbound, Managing Director at Bharti Global and at OneWeb. He completed his MBA at Harvard Business School.

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Matthew Pendlebury

Engineering Lead

Matthew builds high performance teams to solve critical and interesting challenges in the security and trust domains. He brings a wealth of experience of solutions from different organisations from his time with Thales e-Security and F-Secure.

Ainsley Fagerström

Head of Marketing

Ainsley is a strategic and forward-thinking marketing professional with nearly 20 years of work experience at organisations of different sizes, from multinational technology giant to early-stage startup. She has extensive experience in building and delivering social media, paid advertising and influencer marketing programs.


Andy Copsey

Senior Engineer

Andy is a passionate developer with over 20 years experience delivering highly bespoke software solutions to fit a wide variety of markets. He has extensive experience working with some of the largest brands in the publishing industry, helping to deliver engaging experiences for mobile platforms and other new technologies.

Fast Facts.


Foundational OpenOrigins research started at the University of Cambridge


We are a small team spread across four countries. International from day one!


Our company is based in London, United Kingdom.


5000+ hours have been spent on product development work.

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