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Body Positivity Advocates.

OpenOrgins helps body positivity advocates build trust and connect with their fans.

Body Positivity Advocate

Tammy is a plus-size model and a body diversity influencer on Instagram. She has over 90,000 followers and wants to practise radical transparency, to live what she teaches her followers.

The Challenges

Tammy uses Instagram to teach and communicate with her followers. She doesn’t use any beauty filters in her posts but still can't provide enough proof for her audience that her photos are unedited. Instagram doesn't have a function that proves the authenticity of her photos.


The Solution


Photos and videos uploaded to OpenOrigins are original and unedited. They are given a proof stamp that serves as an authenticity verification. A link to the original photo and provenance information will be attached when the content is shared. That helps Tammy prove her photos and videos are unedited. It makes her fans feel more connected to her in her journey because she can live what she teaches.

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