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Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than a T-80 tank. Unlike a tank it’s in everyone’s hands

Our CEO, Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers addresses the escalating risks associated with generative AI and explores the ways in which innovative solutions like Frankli can help mitigate these concerns.

In the world of AI, the line between truth and disinformation is blurring. Recent incidents include a magazine interview created by an AI chatbot imitating Schumacher and a song by Drake pulled due to AI-generated content. AI technologies can now create realistic images and videos, making it hard to distinguish between real and fake. This poses threats to democracy as propagandist regimes can manipulate information. Trust and regulation are needed to combat this problem and ensure authenticity. Technology like Frankli is emerging to verify the authenticity of media content. The world needs a solution to this distortion and a way to establish truth in the age of disinformation.

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