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Majority of Brits fear AI could have ‘devastating consequences for humanity’ and want more regulation, poll finds

According to a poll conducted by polling company Find Out Now, the majority of Brits are concerned about the potentially devastating consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) for humanity. The research shows that two-thirds of the respondents believe there should be more regulation to ensure greater control over the rapidly advancing technology.

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, the CEO and co-founder of OpenOrigins (the parent company of Frankli), emphasizes the need for companies to act swiftly to control the use of AI, as the future is at stake. The poll results demonstrate the public's fear of AI and the speed of its development. The majority of respondents expressed concerns about the consequences of AI, with a call for authentication of images and videos on social media. The negative effects on mental health and body image caused by manipulated content are seen as reasons for urgent action. Read more here.

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