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Sky News interview - Ian King Live

OpenOrigins (Frankli’s parent company)has secured $2.8 million in funding from Unbound to develop its technology for verifying the authenticity of photos and videos online.

Our co-founder, Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, explains how Frankli allows users to create content that can be proven to be real, without any manipulation or AI generation. It also ensures that the content was captured by a genuine human and at the declared time. The proof information is stored on a secure distributed database, providing viewers with confidence that the uploaded content has not been tampered with. While the system can’t verify content uploaded before its implementation, it can provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity for photos taken using devices equipped with our technology. Frankli is free to use, but commercial licensing is available for commercial organisations. We also offers a white-label solution for embedding our technology into existing apps, catering to businesses like insurance companies that require unmanipulated images for claims fulfilment.

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