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How we safeguard content

OpenOrigins authenticates content from creation to application. 

Archive Anchor authenticates past media in perpetuity 
Secure Source proves provenance at point of capture 
Provenance Prover empowers trust at point of access
AI Marketplace enables autonomous sales at scale

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Protecting past content

  • News organizations

  • History archivists

  • Governments

  • Universities

OpenOrigins protects petabytes of content from tampering, ensuring safe consumption audiences and training models.

2,000,000+ GB

archival content secured (to date)

Securing future content

  • Insurance claims

  • Activists

  • Journalists

  • Dating apps

  • CCTV

  • Universities

  • Content creators

  • Online marketplaces

By authenticating content as trustworthy, OpenOrigins unlocks tens of billions of dollars in potential market value.

$41.6 billion

2028 market value (projected)

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