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Protect your claims process against altered and synthetic images

Significantly Reduce Self-Reported Claims Fraud.  

Mobile-first claims process’ using self-reported customer data has several vulnerabilities that lead to increased fraud exposure. Generative AI makes this risk even more pertinent as tools to enable digital fraud to become mainstream. 


OpenOrigins Secure Source eliminates the threat of deepfake, shallow fake and image misrepresentation fraud in the self-reporting process. Reducing the time needed to evaluate a claim, and the cost of fraud.  

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How does Secure Camera work?

The OpenOrigins Secure Camera Module ensures the integrity of the capture device by fusing together all the sensors that the device has access to into a single secure capture.

Time: When an image was taken making re-use of images impossible 

Cellular and GPS: Where an image was captured with complete confidence.  


Gyroscopic and 3D sensors data:  Identify if pictures are being taken of a screen and provide depth context. As a side effect, this enables better cost estimation . 


Securely Anchored: The Media items are reviewed by OpenOrigins server platform and anchored on a distributed ledger creating a complete, irrevocable record of the media item.

Key Benefits

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