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Know what you are reporting is real, with our Complete Media Provenance Engine... from capture to archive

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Securing your UGC Ingest 

Your newsroom receives an inflow of thousands of photos today, Generative AI is about to make the problem of misinformation on the ingest desk much more present.  


The volume of User Generated Content (UGC) that is available to the modern newsroom can be overwhelming.

UGC comes with its own dangers, now any internet user can create convincing but misrepresentative media such as deepfakes or photoshopped edits. Publishing this content accidentally can cause significant reputational damage.

Securing your user generated content (UGC) ingest

NewsRoom Next Solution

Provenance Prover

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Easily cross-reference any piece of media content to verify its originality. Track every edit made.  


Our OO Provance Prover web extension can analyse any photo that comes across your screen and evaluate whether it has an origin point.  


This complete solution gives you complete confidence in the truth behind the images you see on a day-to-day basis.

Archive Anchor

Your archives are a valuable source of revenue, but only so long as they are trusted.  


Digital archives are a stored historical perspective, valuable culturally and financially, with the rise of increasingly convincing AI generated media, the value of your archive is only as large as the trust that remains in them.   


Future threats leave your archive vulnerable: 

  • A security incident casts suspicion that content in your archive may have been manipulated or fake content planted.   

  • Media being presented as from your archive that has been AI synthesised, potentially revealing a different narrative to the actual content.

This can lead to a reputational struggle at best; at worst this is a fake historical narrative with your brand all over it.  


Archive Anchor takes a snapshot of the archive’s content signatures and store those on the OpenOrigins distributed tamper-proof database.  


Keep Control

Your company is given a node of which you can maintain yourself, so your archive is always in your control. We never gain access to your anchor, and we give you a part of our database, so you have complete control over your own archive data.  This solution allows external parties to verify content as being original and unmodified. 


Recording the provenance of the archive’s contents today, along with future modifications and additions anchors your trust before it is too late. 

Secure Capture

A large proportion of leads that are submitted to a newsroom aren’t pursued due to the difficulty of corroborating the sources and the evidence.  Modern image/video editing tools and generative AI puts a higher burden on staff investigating leads.   


OpenOrigins’ Secure Capture immediately verifies all public tips taken through our camera, letting your investigators focus on the important work.  


How it works

  1. Secure Capture integrates into your organisation’s branded mobile app. 

  2. Leads use our built-in camera to submit authenticated content which is provably free of edits and manipulation.  

  3. The device is evaluated for integrity and security and sensors checked to determine liveness and authenticity which will allow these stories to be pursued with a reduced timescale.   

  4. Your journalists receive only the pictures that they know are unedited, saving them time, with time-sensitive matters. 


This product doesn’t aim to replace proven anonymous submission mechanisms such as secure drop but to supplement them and increase ease of use through your mobile application.  

OpenOrigins Secure Camera


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