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The Global Trust Layer for the Internet’s Media Content

Futureproof your business against fast-growing threats of generative media, AI and deceptive content.  

OpenOrigins - The Global Trust Layer

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Category-Defining Technologies

Secure Camera:
Safeguarding the Future. Now.

OpenOrigins Secure Camera offers photon-to-photon protection of all content taken through its lens. This proves that photos submitted to you through OO Secure Camera are what they say they are. 


When a photo is taken through the OO Secure Camera we verify the device, location, time and other relevant metadata at the point of capture and secure this on our tamper-proof blockchain. This means you will always know exactly when and where a photo was taken and that it has never been modified after capture. 


We go one step further: We offer an additional layer of security by 3-D mapping every picture with a depth capture and gyroscope data.  

This lets us build a 3-dimensional view of any scene. This makes attacks near impossible and provides never-before-seen context to the viewer.

3D view in Frankli app
OpenOrigins Archive Anchoring

Archive Anchoring:
Protecting the Past

Trust is your most vital asset. Future-proof your media archives with OO Archive Anchoring. 


Advancements in synthetic media has left your archives prone to completely novel media attacks. Without trust in your own archive, the assets value will diminish.  


Archive Anchoring records the data of every item in your archive and anchors it securely to OpenOrigins’ proprietary tamper-proof federated database. 


Importantly, we never gain access to your anchor, and we give you a node of our database, so you have complete control over your own archive data. 

OO Detect All

A complete image and video fakes detection tool for the times you need assurances for legacy non-provenanced content.  


Our OO Detect web extension can analyze any photo that comes across your screen and evaluate whether it has been edited, doctored or faked. We go a step further by attempting to find the origin of the photo when possible, all at a click of a button.


This complete solution gives you confidence in the truth behind the images you see on a day-to-day basis.  

OpenOrigins Detect All web extension

Online Archives

Our tamper-proof database ensures that all photos in your archives are uncorrupted, even in the face of advanced threats.


Content Creator

Prove to your users that it’s you. Reduce the chance of creator identity theft and build trust in your core fan base.


Humanitarian Watchdogs

When highlighting humanitarian emergencies, get the proof you need to hold people accountable and direct aid where it’s needed.


Social Media and Dating

Eliminate bots and catfish without ID checks, prove every user is human and that the content they post is actually theirs.


Online Marketplace

Build trust with your users by ensuring everyone is verifying their products they have in real-time. No months-old photos.



Improve your project review process and ensure that the commissioned work gets done on time and without delay.

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