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Safeguarding the world’s content.  

OpenOrigins is a solution to safeguard against manipulated and AI-generated content. We prove the authenticity of digital media to enable trust in content. 

OpenOrigins - The Global Trust Layer
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Why Trust OpenOrigins?

AI-generated content is everywhere. Our trust layer ensures you can always prove what is real by securing your archive and proving that your media ingest is human-made and copyright compliant through decentralized proofs.

Control your Trust

You maintain complete ownership and control of your media, whilst we cryptographically secure proof of origins - the media "provenance".

No one should hold the keys to truth online. Our blockchain ensures every media item can be traced back to its origin and independently verified.

Build Lasting Provenance

Once a proof is secured in our tamper-proof ledger, it's there for good. The record is immune to tampering and safeguarded in perpetuity, no matter how the landscape evolves.

Build Value Into your Assets

Authenticated media can be credibly licensed as provably-human, copyright-compliant material for AI training.


Fake content threatens our understanding of reality. 

Deepfakes are a threat to democracy, with the potential to cause all kinds of confusion and dissension and chaos in our societies.”

—Ken McCallum
Director General of MI5

34m AI-generated images created each day
We have less than 24 months to safeguard all content.

Once we are forever unable to discern between fact and fiction, it will be too late.

OpenOrigins is the global stamp of authenticity for trustworthy content

If it's secured by OpenOrigins, it's content you can trust. 

Synthetic content is inevitable on the internet, but we can still define its impact. By ensuring past content is authentic and human-made, we secure its future value.

Category-Defining Technologies

OpenOrigins Archive Anchoring

Archive Anchor:
Protecting the Past

Advancements in synthetic media have left your archives prone to completely novel attacks. Without trust in your own archive its value will diminish.   


Archive Anchor validates the data of every item in your archive and anchors it securely to OpenOrigins’ scalable tamper-proof federated database.  


Importantly, we never gain access to your media content; we give you a node on our database, so you maintain complete control over your own archive. 

How it works

Secure Source:
Safeguarding the Future. Now.

Secure Source is a multi-platform SDK that can be quickly deployed into your existing applications, applying a direct provenance layer to any photo or video captured through your camera.   


We collect and securely hash all the data your camera ingests, giving each photo an indisputable proof that ensures your business has confidence that the photos you're seeing are provably human-made, timely, unedited and unfaked.  

3D view in Frankli app

Provenance Prover

OpenOrigins Provenance Prover.png

Easily cross-reference any piece of media content to verify its originality, and track every edit made.   


The OO Provance Prover can analyse any photo that comes across your screen and evaluate whether it has a defined origin point.   



This solution gives you complete confidence in the veracity behind the images you review. 

Protect Your Industry With OpenOrigins


Online Archives

Our tamper-proof database ensures that all photos in your archives are uncorrupted, even in the face of advanced threats.


Content Creator

Prove to your users that it’s you. Reduce the chance of creator identity theft and build trust in your core fan base.


Humanitarian Watchdogs

When highlighting humanitarian emergencies, get the proof you need to hold people accountable and direct aid where it’s needed.


Social Media and Dating

Eliminate bots and catfish without ID checks, prove every user is human and that the content they post is actually theirs.


Online Marketplace

Build trust with your users by ensuring everyone is verifying their products they have in real-time. No months-old photos.



Improve your project review process and ensure that the commissioned work gets done on time and without delay.

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