What you see, is.

Give your audience complete confidence in your photographs and videos with our radically transparent content platform.

What's OpenOrigins?

OpenOrigins is a free content platform that makes it easy for users to know whether a piece of online content has been edited or not with a simple provenance mark.

For content creators, our platform helps you build trust with your audience by securing your content and metadata using robust cryptography and blockchain infrastructure.


How OpenOrigins Works




Metadata is sealed to the content your camera captured.



Editorial content (e.g. caption and hashtags) is attached and published to OpenOrigins. Your photo is uploaded to our blockchain and given a provenance label.



Link to original photo and provenance info are attached when the post is shared on other platforms.

Why OpenOrigins?



100% Authentic


No Bots


No Deepfakes. No Filters. No Content Temparing.

Our Communnity

We want to make sure we are building a product with the people that care about trust and credibility the most; we have a community space on Telegram for this discerning group of people. It is a place where people who care deeply about authenticity on the Internet meet and connect. It is also the place to learn more about our progress, ask any questions and stay up to date on the team's journey.

Join our Waitlist

Be part of our movement and build a trustworthy content platform together.  Join our waitlist today, it's 100% free.

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